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iBanking Capital is a diversified holding company focused on return on investment and long-term value creation to maximize shareholder value.  We continuously review acquisitions of businesses, securities, and assets that have the potential for significant long-term value creation. We invest in a broad variety of businesses, and evaluate the retention and disposition of our existing operations and holdings on a regular basis.  Changes in the mix of our businesses and investments should be expected.

iBanking Capital  focuses on private investments throughout Europe with a focus on real estate and lifestyle opportunities. The firm is a trustworthy source of capital and strategic partner for borrowers and companies seeking to recapitalize overleveraged properties or operating businesses. Our capital funding gives us the flexibility to pursue investment opportunities of all sizes, from single assets to corporate investments. Backed by established discretionary capital, iBanking Capital   has executed investments across a range of industries and throughout all parts of the capital structure.

iBanking Capital  has developed deep internal operational and management capabilities in targeted asset classes to provide a competitive advantages in chosen areas of focus. The vertical integration of corporate finance and real estate knowledge provides iBanking Capital  with the flexibility to work with or without local partners, react to market opportunities and to maintain hands-on involvement throughout the lifecycle of the business. Real Estate focus areas include multifamily, affordable housing, self-storage, retail and industrial. Current focus areas for corporate distressed transactions include restaurants, heath clubs, and third party property management providers, although the firm looks opportunistically at other select distressed situations.

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