About Us

We Share Our Prosperity!

  • We are a Low-Medium Risk Sustainable Investment Institution.
  • We are based in Switzerland, but with offshored financial services.
  • We have extensive investment experience. We manage at least to double our capital investment every year!
  • Invest with us and Get from 10% Profit on 1 Year Deposit; ... up to 900% Profit on 9 Years Deposit!
  • We can do this because we use a Sustainable and Diversified Investment.
  • Maximum personal deposit for Individual is $10,000. But your reinvestments are unlimited; and we really encourage that!
  • Maximum deposit for Company is $10,000,000
  • Invest now $100; and after 9 years you get $1,000 !
  • Invest now $1,000; and after 9 years you get $10,000 !
  • Invest now $10,000; and after 9 years you get $100,000 !
  • Your deposit investments are 100% in safety by SSL security and DDOS protection.
Our Services

We make your life comfortable with our services.


We have in plan to offer several plans for Deposit Pension Schemes in the future.

Money Transfer

Fast and Secured deposit money and withdrawals. With only minimum $100 deposit and withdraw.

Secure Payment

Payment via iBanking Capital is secure as you support Google 2FA security, SSL security and DDOS protection in our system.

Affiliate System

We offer 5% Direct Level 1 Commission from referral deposit. Plus 5-Level Network Commission: 4% for Level 2; 3% for Level 3; 2% for Level 4 and 1% for Level 5.

OneTimePIN Security

Any money-out transaction from your account will need to be verified via the OTP security.

Multiple Processing Way

We offer several types of methods for depositing and withdrawing money from your account. And different currencies

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